Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.

2020 Annual Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting of 10/22/20

Zoom Call

The meeting was brought to order at 8:05 p.m. by President Jim Cheskawich.  President Cheskawich welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. 


PRESIDENT – Jim Cheskawich

Some of us began the year not even sure we could keep this club together.  To ignore that reality doesn’t allow us to appreciate how far we have come.

The first goal was to just stop the infighting and to bring the club together.  Maybe some had forgotten how it used to be in the past and lost vision on how it could or should be.  It had to be a group effort and nothing that just one person willed.  The second goal was to work towards diversity of opinion and create a climate that allowed and promoted more independent thinking.  For about four months, we had peace and often days would go by when I forgot I was even the SCA president.

Then the world was hit with COVID 19 and we found ourselves meeting often on show contracts, cancellation penalties, hotel attrition rates, commitments to judges, vendors, members and the demand for immediate, correct, and unambiguous action. All of this while balancing the health of our members and their Samoyeds while trying to stay at least a half step ahead of the coronavirus.

I am pleased to say that this board more than rose to the challenges thrown our way.  We did have diversity of thought, much discussion, and met as often as was needed to keep up with new developments and options. 

This is a strong and professionally experienced and balanced Board.  Although we seldom voted unanimously on anything, we worked well as a team to tackle whatever came our way.   

During the early months of the year, JoDee Putnins created a search engine to allow any member to access the board motions and guidelines that were created over the past several decades.  Our Bulletin under our super editor-in-chief, Chery West, is now available on-line as well as by hard copy using the U.S. mail.  The reconstituted By-Laws Committee allowed us to stop the very visible and divisive fighting and take a time out.  One immediate task of this committee was to research the possibility of reincorporating SCA in another state.  We will weigh and balance what is best for the club as we move ahead taking advantage of the technologies emerging. 

I didn’t make any motions during the year outside of nominations.  I encouraged the Board to speak up and take risks to tackle our issues.  Sometimes it took longer this way, but I wanted full participation.  A working list was created by the Board to help identify and prioritize areas of club concern that we wanted to address throughout the year.

There is a lot that goes on in this club with 43 committees currently listed in the 2020 At Your Service.  Many things work very well within our club and can be considered models of excellence in comparison with other parent dog clubs.    We sometimes lose track of that when we look for problems, motions to make or things needing fixed. 

We set up some new committees (the Code of Ethics and Health) at the beginning of the club year as requested by the members at past annual meetings.  Some of the new committees allowed us to bring in new faces to have a chance to contribute to the club. 

I especially want to thank Heidi, Anita, Beth, and Lori for all the hard work they did throughout the year.  And my Board members: Robin, Cathy, Diane, Jane, Paula, Kathleen, Ken, Neal, Marion, and Beth.  Much thanks and appreciation goes out to all the committees and many volunteers but especially to our legal advisors Sandra and Lisa, our Policy and National Specialty Advisory Chair Sheila, and the National Specialty Show Chairs and their committees who worked very hard providing us with the very best advice and support. 

As you know by now, the SCA National for 2020 has been postponed to 2023 at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach.  I am looking forward to our October 2020 Zoom Board meeting and our Zoom Annual meeting.  These will be firsts for SCA.  Much thanks to all of you for what you do for the club!  We are all volunteers with some assignments or roles taking more time than others.  Some of you even have multiple roles.  Let us continue to work together for the good of the breed and club!


Thank you to the members for electing me to serve as Vice President of SCA.  I’ve enjoyed serving the past year and look forward to serving another term as Vice President.   One of the official duties of the Vice President is to prepare a list of members who have passed throughout the year to the Bulletin editor for publication in the Spring Bulletin.  I am very sad to report that the report submitted earlier this year was the largest ever with more members passing away than every previously reported.  I am saddened every time I get a notification of that another member has passed on.  I enjoy talking to the members who have contacted me throughout the year and look forward to representing the members again next year!! 


I am honored to serve another year as Recording Secretary.  I can honestly say that I love this job!!!  I want to thank membership for electing me to serve another term.  I am truly honored. 

During this unprecedented time of COVID, the Board had to several emergency meetings via Zoom conferencing. We had to make some tough decisions.  

I would like to thank the entire Board for their continued support.  I would also like to thank Sheila Herrmann, Policy and Rules, for always being available to answer any questions I may have on policies and rules.  To the many volunteers that dedicate their precious time and energy to the club and to the breed we all love … a huge THANK YOU!!

The Recording Secretary is a very busy position, but this is my way of giving back to this breed that I love so much.  I am looking forward to another year of CRAZY!!   


As Corresponding Secretary, I usually receive at least one text, email or phone call/voice mail daily requesting information on how to find a Samoyed. Since mid-March, the number of requests have increased dramatically. I try to counsel patience and educate on how to spot potential scams, as well as how to look for responsible, knowledgeable breeders and weed out less desirable sources of finding a puppy–sadly, scam websites seem to have increased a lot as well.

Dog events are drastically limited now, and spectators are not permitted, thus potential puppy people cannot seek out local events to meet Samoyed participants. I ask my fellow SCA members to please welcome questions from potential Samoyed owners, and if you aren’t comfortable talking to people, please try to find someone else for them to interact with.

Sadly, this year Covid-19 prevented us from our usual National Specialty in-person gathering and has impacted us all

in so many ways. Please take all necessary steps to stay safe and join me in hoping we can resume our usual activities sooner, rather than later. I look forward to serving the SCA for another year and encourage all members to contact the Board with questions, complaints, praise, and suggestions. I find our SCA website useful and constantly direct people to explore it to find out more about our lovely breed and our Club. Hope to see you in Colorado at the 2021 SCA National!


Fiscal Year 2020 – As of 9/30/2020 – Submitted 10/08/2020 by Anita O’Berg, Treasurer

The Samoyed Club of America will end fiscal year 2020 profitably, in great thanks due to the effort of the 2019 SCA National Specialty Committee and member advertising in our Bulletin. The COVID pandemic has had a material effect on our financials, with the lack of dogs shows as well as performance and education events. The COVID uncertainty has also created challenges with creating a proposed budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal.

Working with the SCA President, the accounting firm of McGowan Gutterman was selected to conduct the external audit; per Motion 19-115. The audit is not complete at the time that this report was prepared. Thank you very much to the club members who assisted in this work.

The 2021 dues notices and enclosures, which will be mailed in a few weeks, will not contain Judges Ballots for the 2023 SCA National Specialty, per motion 20-075.

Motion 20-075: “I make a motion that the national specialty conformation judges contracted for the year 2020 be moved to the SCA National Specialty event of 2023. This motion would include the dog judge, the bitch judge, and the intersex judge. If any of these judges are not available for the 2023 dates, the 2020 show chair will move to the next name on the list used to contract the 2020 judges. Any names on that list already contracted or in negotiations to judge 2021 or 2022 will be removed from the 2020 list before moving to the next name.”

Motion Rationale: This is an unprecedented time because of Covid -19. The 2020 National Specialty at Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, VA was postponed from 2020 to 2023. The members have already voted on judges for 2021 and 2022 and most have already signed contracts. 2023 judges have not yet gone to the membership for selection. This would be the cleanest option.

Motion: Granacki; Second: Tallentire

I would like to thank the membership for the trust they placed in me as your Treasurer and Board member. It has been my honor to serve.

AKC DELEGATE – John Ronald

Oh, what a year it has been!  As we entered 2020, we learned about Covid-19 and the changes in lifestyle this virus would inflict on us all.  I hope this message finds you all safe and well. 

For AKC, it was also a year of change and adaptation.  Fortunately, the agenda of items needing the attention of the Delegates was not too heavy.  This allowed AKC to effectively use Zoom to conduct the June and September meetings.   June’s meeting was limited to viewing only without the benefit of any floor discussions.  At the September meeting, AKC will expand the meeting features by implementing Zoom voting on the candidates vying to fill the Delegate Committee vacancies and any other items needing a vote.  So, at least business will go forward, if only on a limited basis.  We are looking forward to returning to face to face meetings so that we can enjoy the advantage of a normal exchange of ideas for AKC’s and the fancy’s benefit.

It has been a challenging year for AKC.  It has overseen the cancellation of over 11,000 events.  Conformation shows have been especially hard hit.  However, companion events like Canine Good Citizen and some performance events have been able to go forward virtually as well as in person such as Rally and Agility. Registrations are up significantly, as a result of the fancy staying home and whelping litters.   As a consequence, AKC’s financial condition is doing OK. 

In order to adapt to this new reality, AKC has made adjustments.  For instance, the judge’s application process has been eased somewhat. Shows that have been cancelled are being given the opportunity to continue next year without risk to their territorial rights.  Shows are beginning to come back, based on local laws, with COVID procedures based on AKC Best Practices.  Much of AKC’s staff was sent home to work virtually.  However, some of the staff are now back in the office. Some Field Reps are back at shows. Point schedules for 2021 will remain at 2020 levels unless reduced in some breeds.

As I said, these are challenging times.  We must continually remind ourselves, it’s serious, but temporary. So, I will end as I begun.  I hope all of you are safe and well.  We will defeat this virus!

I you have any questions, please call.


2021 SCA National Committee – Connie Rudd, Show Chair

Good evening everyone.  My name is Connie Rudd and I am the co-chair for the 2021 National Specialty.  Theme is “Snow Xtremes” and we will be meeting September 19 through September 25 in Greely, CO.  2021 will be a week of many events for you and your dogs.  Judges are Intersex, Diane Garcia; bitches, Cheri Hollenback; dogs, Darla Cassidy. 

Jane Emmel, Futurity Chair:  After counting all the votes, the futurity judge for 2021 national specialty in Greely, CO is Kathi Horton. 

Puppy and veteran’s sweeps will be Cindy Faucette; working sweeps will be Robin Clark.  The 2020 Junior Futurity will be Robinette Dunahugh-Ralson; 2020 Junior Sweepstakes will be Kathy Mackai; Beginner puppy 4-6 months, Sherry Webster: Obedience, Pat Maynard; Agility, Geoff Teare; Herding Anita Ramsey and Louis Thompson.  The Chair is Connie Rudd and the Assistant Chair is Shannon Steward.  The superintendent is Jack Onofrio.  All this information will be on the website and FaceBook page.  The tentative schedule is:   

Sunday – Herding, Pack Hike, Fastcat; Monday: Agility, BOG Meeting; Dog Wash Opens; Barn Hunt, Fastcat, Grooming Opens, Novice Weight Pull; Tuesday – 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy, 2021 Futurity, Veteran Sweeps, 2020 Puppy Sweeps, Health Clinics, Obedience, Rally, Fastcat, Sanctioned Weight Pull, Silent Auction and Welcome Party/Cash Bar; Wednesday – Art Show; Working Sweeps, 2021 Puppy Sweeps, 2020 Futurity, Silent Auction, Rescue Parade (Lunch), Health Clinics and Breeder’s Ed; Thursday – Art Show, Dogs, Veteran Dogs, Working Dogs, Stud Dogs, Parade of Title Holders, Silent Auction, Pee Wee (Lunch) And SCA Annual Meeting; Friday – Bitches Veteran Bitches, Silent Auction, Judges’ Education, Working Bitch, Brood Bitch and Auction Dinner/Cash Bar; and Saturday – Intersex, Best BBE, Best Puppy, Best Veteran Dog, Best Veteran Bitch, Best Veteran, Best Working, Brace/Team, Junior Showmanship and Awards Banquet/Cash Bar. 

2 all-breed shows will be at the showsite the weekend before our national.  Host Hotel is the Doubletree by Hilton Greeley at Lincoln Park.  Hotel reservations will open at 10 a.m. mountain time on December 1.  Reservations for RVs will also open on December 1, the information and code for that will be posted on the FaceBook page. 

Explanation of Junior Sweeps and Junior Futurity:  This would be the puppies that were eligible to show in 2020.  Since 2020 national was postponed, AKC approved the classes for 2021. 

2022 SCA National Committee – Judy Davis, Show Chair

The show in 2022 will October 3 through October 8 at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville, CA.  This will be the first national in Northern CA in 26 years.  The judges are:  Intersex, Beth Riley; Bitches, Dilbert Thacker; dogs, Garry Newton; Puppy Sweepstakes, Duff Harris; and Veteran Sweepstakes, Pam Lister.  All the details will be available at the 2021 national specialty. 

SCARF – Sheila Herrmann, SCARF President

Quick update on SCARF.  SCARF is a separate entity that SCA chose to make a true 5013c not for profit, we work for the betterment and the health of the breed.  Without volunteers and donations, there is no SCARF.  We appreciated everyone that has helped.

Years ago, we had a cutting-edge website where we have the A-Z diseases.  SCARF is now in the process of revamping the A-Z Diseases.   Still looking for volunteers, liaisons to write “living with the disease”, instead of covering a multitude of diseases, SCARF is going to cover the diseases more specific to the Samoyed.  Ruth Jones is in charge of this and she got together with a committee.  It appears people seem to be confused about DNA collections testing.  If you want to get your CHIC, a lot of people are finding out the DNA collection from a certain company can’t be used for CHIC.  Ruth has added link in the A-Z section on their website that will help you when putting all the information together to apply for CHIC.  I believe Ruth has the link live. 

SCARF is also doing a lot of research on who they are going to donate to as far as sponsorship on diseases.  Our meeting is in November, we will once again be giving money to AKC Canine Health.  We supported 5 studies in the past year 3, from Morris Animal Foundation and 2 from AKC Canine Health. 

We thank you to all those that supported us, all those that volunteer, and all those that step up, we can’t do it without you.  If you have   any questions, go   to our website,  you   will   find   a lot   of useful information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the SCARF director.


Registrar of Merit and Versatility Awards 2019-2020 – Carol Miller


GCH Azteca Catching Fire with Whiteeagle (Bitch)

Owners: Audrey Kotaska, James Augustus and Mary Augustus


SnoBiz Any Dream Will Do (Bitch)

Owners: Robin Clark and Jill Clark

Orkdomain’s NWPassage T’Prairie (Dog)

Owner:  Helen Corlew

CH White Eagle’s the Sky’s the Limit for Alpine Glo (Dog)

Owners: Terry Litton & Carol Montgomery & Mary and James Augustus & Carly McNellie


CH White Eagle’s the Sky’s the Limit for Alpine Glo (Dog)

Owners: Terry Litton & Carol Montgomery & Mary and James Augustus & Carly McNellie


Shirokuma’s Swift Snow White Echo of Nadia (Bitch)

Owners:  Linnea Laura Esberg & Ann Marie Schroeder

GCHB CH Moonlighter’s Solitary Man RA, NAP, NJP, ACT2, TKI (Dog)

Owner:  Luann Glielmi

BOB AND DOLLY aWARD WINNER:                Jennie Nonhof



  1. HTCH GCHB Echo’s Prince of Denmark RN HSDs HIAs HIBs HSAsM HSBsM THDA CGC TKN HRDllls HTADllls HTDllls RLFllls OTDs RTDs OFTDs VS

Owners: Aaron & Teresa Brown & Jan Warner

  • CH Argent’s White Wolf Wild Smoke Chaser BN RI HSAs HTADls RLFls NW2 NW3V NW3E NW3l SWE SHDA SBM SCM SDSA ULI TLII SDl LIOlll RATN CZ8B TKP

Owners: Ann and Jan Schlobohm

  • Sancha Y Samoden Gran Cosa JHD HTs

Owners: Teresa Michaud


  1. Double Helix Love Will Thaw UDX2 OM3 BN GN VER RAE MX MXJ T2B OF NJP

Owners: Mary Drexler & Robinette Dunahugh-Ralston

  • CH Polar Mist N Cotton Frost Meant to Be UDX RE CGC TKN

Owner: Barbara Bunner


Owner: Debbie Seder


  1. Ubor’s Sunshine Tourmaline CD PCD BN RM3 RAE5 OA NAJ NAP NF CGC TKI

Owners:  Jane Pendray and Barbara Zubrikas


  1. AGCH MACH5 Anana’s Artic Dream Tikaani MXB3 PDS MJB3 PJD MFG TQX T2B3 CA RATCH

Owners: Kathy and Duane Timmons


Owners:  Arthur and Linda Everly

  • SnoBelle’s Stairway to Star Orvis RA MX MXJ MJB MXB CGC TKA

Owners:  Arthur and Linda Everly


  1. PACH Wind Chaser’s Twilight Sparkle Over Vegas UD BN GN GO RE MXP3 MXPB MJP5 MJPS MFP RATO

Owner: Debbie Seder


Owner: Debbie Seder


Owner:  Debbie Seder


  1. White Magic’s Sebastian’s Spanish Journey Begins

Owner/Handler: Janira Roldan

  • CH Alexandria Of Jip The Glow of The Snowy Star

Owner/Handler:  Jennifer Gerdes

  • CH PolarMist N’Mishka’s Winter Soldier at Diamond WSX CA

Owners:  Merrilee and Andrew D’Antonio


  1. PolarMist N Mishka’s Winter Soldier at Diamond WSX CA

Owner: Merilee D’Antonio

  • Whytewynds Marshmello Ambrosia CAX BCAT THDX CGCU TKA WSXM

Owner/Handler:  Mary Wolf

  • Prairie Isle Berk’s Shitake Mushroom CAX DCAT THDA RATN CGCU TKA WSXM

Owner/Handler: Mary Wolf


  1. SnoBiz Northern Pursuit

SnoBiz Make A Scene

Sundance High Plain’s Drift’n SnoBiz

Driver:  Robin Clark


  1. GCH Celticfrost On the Rocks

Owners:  Joe Deleo Kristen Goettlicher and Graham Renner

  • GCH Metak’s Walkin’ Fella-Nee at Rexann RN FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKA

Owners:  Kathy Bube and Karen Brooks-Hodges


  1. GCHB Snowater’s Some Beach CA BCAT RATN CGC TKN

Owners: Diana Hauser, Ken and Kathy Granacki


  1. GCH Rexann’s Curtain Call RN CGCA CGCU

Owners: Kathy Bube and Donna Cummings

  • MBISS GCHS Vanderbilt Snowater Pickupline

Owners: Ken and Kathy Granacki

  • GCHB Metak’s Walkin’ Fella-Nee at Rexann RN FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKA

Owners:  Kathy Bube and Karen Brooks-Hodges


  1. GCHB Metak’s Miss Demeanor FDC IT

Owners:  Karen Brooks-Hodges and Quinton Hodges

  • Multi BISS GCH Polarmist N Snowater’s Unforgettable

Owners: Ken Granacki and Lynette Blue


  1. GCHG Zamosky’s Mr. Worldwide Of Icepaw

Owners: Robert Chaffin, E. Widjaja and T. Galle

  • GCHG Azteca’s Red October

Owners: Joan and Eric Liebes

  • GCHS Polar Mist Kick Up the Party

Owners: Lynnette Blue and Kathi Horton


  1. GCHG Sammantic Speed of Life

Owners: Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp

  • GCHS Sammantic Querida

Owners:  Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp

  • GCHB Skilo Bear’s Lady Annabella

Owner:  Helen Sullivan

OFFICERS AND BOARD (Introduction of current, outgoing and incoming Officers & Board)

President                                  Jim Cheskawich

Vice President                           Heidi Nieman

Correspondence Secretary         Lori Chapek-Carleton

Recording Secretary                  Beth Tallentire

Treasurer                                   Anita O’Berg

AKC Delegate                           John Ronald

Board Members:                        Cathy Cusack
                                                 Diane Dotson
                                                Jane Emmel
                                                Paula Exline
                                                Kathleen Farlow
                                                Neal Henderson
                                                Marion McNeil
                                                Beth Riley

Outgoing                                  Robin Barkhaus
                                                Ken Granacki

Incoming                                   Kathy Ronald
                                                Leah Seman

Unfinished Business – no unfinished business

New Business – there will be no new business

GRANACKI:  I would just like to say this was the first year that I was on the board.  I know some of you have served and some of you have not.  It was a great eye-opening experience.  I don’t think you realize how much a couple of these people work for our club.  I want you to recognize Beth Tallentire, Recording Secretary, she puts in more hours than anyone on the board put together.  Anita O’Berg, Treasurer, does an amazing job putting together all the numbers and keeping track of all the members’ dues.  And then last, Sheila Herrmann, Policy and Rules, makes sure the motions being put forth are correct.  I know many board members have talked to Sheila on her drive home from work.  Being this was my first year on the board, my eyes were open and I was really surprised to see how hard these people work. 

CHESKAWICH:  Many of you are asking about the status of the IS.  The report is in the Annual Report.  It’s back in business.  We have a long-term contract in place with the artist up in Canada.  Projected completion?  Motion in place for at least 6 completed drawings per year, it could be more.  No definite completion date, but I’m looking at 2 or 3 years.  

There is no report from the cloud storage committee. 

I thank everyone for attending and for being respectful. 

John Ronald made a motion to adjourn; second:  Heidi Nieman

Meeting adjourned.