Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.

1998 SCA National Results

Puppy Sweepstakes – Judge Judy Mears. To bet on any sports competition, you are more than welcome to visit

6-9 month dog – 10 entered 1 absent

1st Wintermist’s Just Bearly – Linda Kitzman, Cheryl and John

2nd Mtn. Meadows Artic Brite Kuma – Jeannie King, Gail Oesterreich
and Julie Morris

3rd Takenak’s Here’s Lookin at You – Leslie Jocelyn ** and Lawerence

4th Cimerrons Pistol Pete – Chris and Theresa Boudreau and Carl

9-12 month dog – 13 entered 1 absent

1st Oakbrooks Strike It Rich – Leon and Kathy Ward ** and Alan and
Jane Stevenson

2nd Snow Angels Russian Rocket – Jackie and Darryl Gallagher and
Jennifer Brown **

3rd Oakbrooks Rachmaninoff William and Diane Dellosa and Carole
Cheeseman **

4th D’Keta’s Cosmic Outback o’Shadow Mtn – Jason Loper **

12-15 month dog – 9 entered

1st Moonlighter’s Lett Games Begin – Jeanne Nonhof **

2nd Snowaters Kamaniwanna Surf – Lory Barra ** and Ken Granacki **

3rd Whiteliff’s Cory – Wilna Coulter and Carol Thompson

4th Saratoga’s High Voltage – Dick and Sandy Beach and Heidi Nieman

15-18 month dog – 12 entered 1 absent

1st Polar Mist Denali White Wolf – Elise Wolf and Lynette Blue

2nd Whtcotn Kodiak o’ Artic Brit- Karen and Stan Palmer

3rd Hyalites Bodacious Bodhi – Jolene, Jamie, Jessie and Ron Stolba

4th CH Cerebus How Far Can You Go – William and Tina Oswald ** and
Dorie Engstrom

6-9 month bitch – 13 entered 2 absent

1st Promise and Holidays Showcase – Cookie and Garey Hayden

2nd Tega’s Primetime Dream Dahlia – Gail and Terry Campbell **

3rd Primetime Tega’s Morning Glory – Cynthia and Michael McCarron

4th Takenaks Shout it Out – Leslie Jocelyn ** and Lawerence Homik

9-12 month bitch – 16 entered 1 absent

1st Symphony’s Lillith Faire – Kathleen Regan and Susan Jung

2nd Crystar’s Blaz’n Arctic Skye – Barbara Allen and Maxine
Meznarich and Marie Ficarella

3rd Oakbrooks Silver as the Moon – Jennifer Gonzales

4th TNTs White Cashmere – Tom and Toni Mauer

12-15 month bitch – 12 entered 1 absent

1st Abakan Whitestar o’Tundra Winds – Anne and Bill Oneill ** and
Donna Dannen **

2nd Samkota’s Landmark Edition – Carl and Diane Landstrom **

3rd Saratoga’s Sizzlin’ Striptease – Beth Tallentire ** and Heidi
Nieman **

4th Ab’kan-T’ndra Winds’ C’rv’d in Iv’ry – Kent and Donna Dannen **

15-18 month bitch – 14 entered

1st Arcuda’s Acropolis – Alex and Sheila Rouglios

2nd Precious Sams Luminous Delight – John and Michelle Edmondson and
Joee Dauer **

3rd Mystiwinds Artic Sunrise – Joe and Joy Ritter

4th Alladin’s Beyond a Shadow – Joyce Johnson-Eiler and Kenneth

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes – Orkdomain’s Strike it Rich

Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes – Promise and Holiday’s

Futurity – judge Janice Hovelman

6-9 month dog – 9 entered 1 absent

1st Takenak’s Heres Lookin at You

2nd Cloudnine’s in the Nick of Time – Tom and Nancy Lisec and Jan

3rd Mtn Meadows Artic Brite Kuma

4th Cimmerrons Pistil Pete

6-9 month bitch – 13 entered 3 absent

1st Krystall’s Desert Moon – Karen Anderson and Nancy Golden

2nd Takenak’s Shout it Out

3rd Sno-Es Keeper of the Stars – Joe and Julie Morris and Jan Cherne

4th Promises Morning Star – Doug and Darla Cassidy **

Best 6-9 Intersex Krystall’s Desert Moon

Reserve 6-9 Intersex Takenak’s Here’s Lookin at YOu

9-12 month dog – 11 entered

1st Oakbrook’s Strike it Rich

2nd Snow Angels Russian Rocket

3rd Silver Fox Mountain Kodiak – Brad and Sharon Fuller and Judie
Lucas **

4th Bruins the Real Thing – Nancy David

9-12 month bitch – 13 entered

1st Trailblazer Skatin Thru Life – Kathlynn and Mark Hughes

2nd Trailblazer Caspar n Starlite – Doug Stroup, Lia and Larry

3rd Oakbrooks Silver as the Moon

4th Jubilee’s Nut’n Could be Finer – Carol and Andrew Hjort

Best 9-12 Intersex – Oakbrook’s Strike it Rich

Reserve 6-9 Intersex Trailblazer Skatin Thru LIfe

Best Puppy Oakbrook’s Strike it Rich

12-15 month dog – 7 entered

1st Moonlighter’s Lett Games Begin

2nd Snowonders Barron it All – Fred and Kay Brechbuhl and Sharon
Wilson **

3rd Saratoga’s High Voltage

4th Snowater’s Kammaniwanna Surf

12-15 month bitch – 9 entered

1st Snowater’s Kammaniwannaleiu – Ken Granaki **

2nd Saratoga’s Sizzlin Striptease

3rd Tall Oaks Top Gun Altitude – Carol Miller and Laurie Newburn

4th Tall Oaks Solid Gold Seranade – Liz Scott ** and Jill Jessup

Best 12-15 Intersex Moonlighters Lett Games Begin

Reserve 12-15 Intersex Snowonder’s Barron it All

15-18 month dog – 9 entered

1st CH Orkdomains Hyborael Archevnik – Jim Anderson and Gayl Jokiel
and Mary Haas

2nd Whtcotn Kodiak O’ Artic Brite

3rd CH Cerebus How Far Can You Go

4th Tall Oaks Couer d’Alene Dreams – Marilyn Johnson **

15-18 month bitch – 12 entered 1 absent

1st Mystiwinds Artic Serenade

2nd Polar Mist Touch’d BY n Angel – Bobbie LaFortune and Lynette

3rd Hartwoods Saratoga Windchill – Heidi and Scooter Nieman **

4th Polar Mist Nauti n Nice – Lynette and Rodger Blue

Best 15-18 Intersex Mystiwinds Artic Serenade

Reserve 15-18 Intersex Polar Mist Touched by n Angel

Best Junior Mystiwinds Artic Serenade

Grand Futurity Winner Oakbrooks Strike it Rich

Veteran Sweepstakes – judge Judy Mears

Veteran dog 7 – 10 years – 4 entered

1st Ch Midnight Suns Second Chance – Kathi Horton and Art Mandale

2nd CH Serako’s Encore Artic Brite – Mike and Diane HOffecker

3rd Ch SFX Quantum Leap – Lori C-C and Gordon carleton **

Veteran Dog over 10 years – 5 entered

1st Ch Hollys Son of Citabria Don and Donna Hollingsworth

2nd Ch Hoof n Paws Knight Drifter – Alan and Jane Stevenson

3rd CH Wolf River’s Falcon – Kay Hallberg

Veteran bitch 7 – 10 years – 7 entered

1st Ch Romsey’s Cameo Appearance – Carl and Diane Landstrom **

2nd CH Wolf River Fata Morgana – Kay Hallberg

3rd CH Frostipaw Kari Tai She’s Magic – Jayne and Sterling Clark

4th ???

Veteran bitch over 10 years – 5 entered

1st Ch Wolf River’s Sand – Kay Hallberg

2nd CH Samkita’s Hope Diamond – Harl adn Jo Geletich

3rd Ch Alladdins Silver Flying Jade – Joyce Johnson

4th Ch Krystall’s Conquest of Gold – Jim and Marth Lageschulte

Best in Veteran Sweeps – Ch Midnight Sun’s Second Chance

Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweeps Wold River’s Sand

Dog Classes – judge Jeanne Zuver

dog, puppy 6-9 months – 11 entered 1 absent

1st Bykhals Will Solitaire – Bonny Giffen and Will Chamberlain

2nd Takenaks Here’s Looking at You

3rd Windrifts Sierra Sunrise – Roxanne and Shannon Zahller **

4th Cimmerons Pistol Pete

dog, puppy 9-12 months – 14 entered 1 absent

1st Polar Mist Royal Crown Cola – Raymond Carpenter and Lynette Blue

2nd Oakbrooks Rachmaninoff

3rd Snow Angels Russian Rocket

4th Silver Fox Mountain Kodiak

dog, 12-18 months – 15 entered 1 absent

1st Frostyacres Tip of the Iceberg – Michele Schmitt

2nd Snowonder’s Barron it All

3rd Deneb’s Alta Ego – Ross Chapin and Clu Carradine **

4th Saratoga’s High Voltage

bred by exhibitor dog – 22 entered 3 absent

1st Oakbrooks Strike it Rich

2nd Moonlighters Lett Games Bgin

3rd Images Bear Necessity – Sandy Dukes **

4th Saratoga’s Gyr up to Frostfire – Tammy and David Holley and
Heidi Nieman **

american bred dog – 5 entered

1st Fireclouds in Cyberspace – Cindy Hopkins, Bill Hardy and Tamiko

2nd WhiteStar’s Thief of Time – Anne and Bill O’Neill

3rd Recious Sweet Tear from HG’vn – Joee and Dick Dauer **

4th Long Distance Voyager – Cindy Harrington

open dog – 25 entered 7 absent

1st  Tundra Winds Talkeetna Tuktu WS – Kent and Donna Dannen **

2nd  d’Keta’s Purple Haze – Jima and Coleen Fitzgerald

3rd Wolf River’s Northface Andronik – Jim Anderson, Gayl Jokiel and
Kay Hallberg

4th Co’t Pic’n Gin n Tonic – Bob and Tammy Walther

Winners Dog new CH Tundra Winds Talkeetna Tuktu WS

Reserve Winners Dog d’Keta’s Purple Haze

veteran dog 7-10 years – 10 entered

1st CH Saratoga’s Sonic Boom – Lorrie McAllister **

2nd CH Saratoga’s Speed of Sound – Heidi and Don Nieman

3rd CH Serako’s Encore Artic Brite – Mike and Diane HOffecker

4th CH Sassillies Change of Heart – Carole Cheeseman ** and Mary
Beard-leal and Kathy Horton

veteran dog over 10 years – 3 entered 1 absent

1st CH Hoof ‘n’ Paws Knight Shadow

2nd Ch Hoof ‘n’ Paws Night Drifter

working dog – 8 entered

1st CH Tundra Winds XXXII Degrz o’Whitestar HIC, WS – Anne O’Neill

2nd CH Moonsong’s Gmbl’r Jeb Stuart HS – Jim Cheskawich ** and Cindy
Faucette **

3rd Ch Tundra Winds Storms a’Bruin WSX – Kent and Donna Dannen **

4th CH Cascades Peak Performer CD WS – Cheri Hollenbeck

Stud Dog – 17 entered

1st CH Saratoga’s Speed of Sound

2nd CH Oakbrooks Panning for Gold – Laan and Jane Stevenson

3rd Ch Saratoga’s Sonic Boom WSX

4th CH Polar Mist Mov’n n-a Groov’n – Christina Scherer-Schultz and
Lynette Blue

Bitch Classes – judge Eileen Pimlott

bitch, puppy 6-9 months – 11 entered 2 absent

1st Krystall’s Desert Moon

2nd Tega’s Primetime Dream – Gail and Terry Campbell **

3rd Windrifts Waitin Fr a Chinook – Roxanne and Shannon Zahhller **

4th Sno-Es Keeper of the Stars – Joe and Julie Morris and Jan Cherne

bitch, puppy 9-12 months – 17 entered 2 absent

1st Polar Mist Ice Surprise – Lynette Blue

2nd Trailblazer Skating Thru Life

3rd Trailblazer Caspar n Starlite

4th Jubillees Nut’n Could be Finer

bitch, 12-18 months – 22 entered 2 absent

1st Presiousams Snickerdoodle – Joee and Dick Dauer **

2nd Mystiwinds Artic Sunrise

3rd Polar Mist Touch’d by n Angel

4th Arcuda’s Acropolis – Sheila ans Alex Rouglios

bred by exhibitor bitch – 22 entered 2 absent

1st Artic Brites She’s A Keeper – Gail and Gary Oesterrich

2nd TNTs White Cashmere

3rd Cot’n Pic’n Rum Runner – Marj Goodenough

4th Millcreeks It’s About Time – Pat and Gary Griffin

american bred bitch – 5 entered 1 absent

1st Precious Moment in Time – Joee and Dick Dauer **

2nd K-Way’s Rainbow Starburst – Linda Mozen

3rd Abakan WhiteStar o’Tundra Winds

4th Ruslans Wind and Moonlight – Kathryn Cook

open bitch – 25 entered 4 absent

1st Bakari’s Ginger Bear – Kathryn Cook and Stephen Gallien Jr

2nd Hyalites Sheza Howler – Jolene and Ronnie Stolba

3rd Sno -n- Sho’s Juliet John Studebaker and anamary Jueriz

4th Tamkobe Icetrix – Kylie Bourke **

Winners Bitch – Bakari’s Ginger Bear

Reserve Winners Bitch Hyalites Sheza Howler

veteran bitch 7-10 years – 5 entered 1 absent

1st Ch Wolf River’s Fata Morgana – Kay Hallberg

2nd Ch Polar Mist Aurora of Polaris Ken and Kari Granaki **

3rd Alta’s Sunrise Serenade – Clu Carradine **

4th Ch Southern Mist’s Frisky Fresca – Deborah Lynn Fielder

veteran bitch over 10 years – 6 entered

1st CH Samkitas Hope Diamond

2nd CH Wolf River’s Sand

3rd Ch Alladins Silver flying Jade

4th Ch Tundra Winds Glacier Lily – Kent adn Donna Dannen **

working bitch – 6 entered

1st Ch Hyalites Classical Jazz CD, TD – Jolene and Ronnie Stolba

2nd Ch Sunnysides WhiteStar K’Boom WS – Anne O’Neill **

3rd Ch Tundra Winds Kinnikinnick WSX – Kent and Donna Dannen **

4th Ch Caspers Eternal Treasure WS – Barbara Campbell

Brood Bitch – 12 entered

1st Ch Artic Brites CC Rider – Gaile Oesterrich and Kathi Horton

2nd Hyalites Royal Tee, TD – Jolene and Jesse Stolba

3rd Ch Holiday and Promises Sunni Delite – Doug and Darla Cassidy **

4th Ch Saratoga’s Lost Aviatrix CD Heidi and Don Nieman **

Intersex – judge Larry Mackai

Best of Breed Competition – 84 entered (44-40)

Best of Breed – CH Krystall’s Blue Denim Jake

Best of Winners – Tundra Winds Talkeetna Tuktu WS

Best of Opposite Sex – CH Hyalite’s Classical Jazz TD, CD

Best Puppy – Krystall’s Cactus Moon

Best Bred by Exhibitor – Oakbrooks Strike it Rich

Best Veteran – CH Saratoga’s Sonic Boom WSX

Best Working – Ch Hyalite’s Classical Jazz TD, CD

Awards of Merit: 9 were given.. these are the ones I can remember…

Moonstar’s Big Sky from Hoof ‘n’ Paw

Cot’n Pic’n Shota Vodka

Samfan Lynn Scheffner’s Holly

Best Brace:

Artic Mist’s Forget Me Not – Carolyn and Vance Bateman and Bob

Artic Mist’s Got’er out Gyr – Carolyn and Vance Bateman and Linda

Best Team (exhibition only)

CH Tundra Winds’ XXXII Degrz o’Whitestar WS, HIC – Anne O’Neill

CH Sunnyside’s WhiteStar K’Boom WS, HIC – Anne O’Neill

WhiteStar’s Sacred Clown – Anne O’Neill

Abakan’s WhiteStar o’Tundra Winds – Anne and Bill O’Neill and Conna

Obedience – judge Betty Mae Regan

novice a – 3 entered 2 absent

1st Ch Orions S’Ambition – 196 – Gary and Cindy Mitchell



novice b – 3 entered 1 absent 1 NQ

1st Sansaskas Dream Catcher – 196.5 – Larry and Barbara Brunner



open a – 4 entered 4 NQ





open b – 2 entered 1 absent

1st Myty’s Glinda Bruja Del Sur UD, PT CGC – 187.5 – Ruth Nunn


utility b – 1 entered 1 NQ


Graduate Novice – 4 entered

1st Nakiska’s on Cloudnine CD – Sue Wangerin **

2nd Hoof ‘n’ Paws Kaelin of the Knight – Kathy Buckner

3rd CH Cascades Peak Perfromer CD – Cheri Hollenbeck and Darlene

4th U-CD White Wolf Wild and Free – Ann and Jan Schlobolm

Veteran – 2 entered

1st Sansaska’s Chantilly Lace – Brabara and Larry Brunner

2nd CH Saratogas Lost Aviatrix CD – Heidi and Don Nieman **

High in Trial

Agility – judge Ann Croft

HIT – Jason Loper with Beamer

Weight Pull

Novice Pull

High Percentage pulled by a Novice: Abakan Whitestar O’Tundra Winds

Highest Weight pulled: Krystall’s Treasured Memory – Mary Lloyd

Sanctioned Pull

under 45 lbs

1st Kaelin – Kathy Buckner

2nd Skyrocket – Lorrie mcAllister **

3rd Kachina Anne O’Neill **

45-65 lbs

1st Kit Kat Bob and Debbbie Sencen baugh **

2nd Bruin – Kent and Donna Dannon **

3rd Sugar – Bob and Debbie Sencenbaugh **

4th Chuck – Linda Kitzman

over 65 lbs

1st Sam – Lori CC **

2nd ??

3rd ??

High Percentage Pulled – Kit Kat

High Weight Pulled –  Kit Kat

High Pull by a Veteran – Boomer – Lorrie McALlister **