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The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.


Futurity Rules – 
Complete Futurity Rules (PDF)

The purpose of the Futurity Stakes is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Samoyed and to reward the breeders for their efforts. For this reason, the stakes are weighted in favor of the breeder. The Futurity Stake, which may be held in conjunction with the National specialty, is entered by nominating a litter. Individual puppies from a nominated litter are eligible to compete in the first annual Futurity held on or after the date the puppies reach six month of age, and only in this stake. In the Futurity Stake, there will be eleven cash wins, with three individuals (the breeder, the owner and the sire’s owner) partaking of each for a total of thirty-three monetary awards won by eight different Samoyeds.


Nominations to the Futurity are open only to breeders who are active members, in good standing, of the Samoyed Club of America. The bitch whose litter is nominated must be owned, co-owned or leased by a Samoyed Club of America member. This requirement does not apply to the owner(s) of any eligible puppy, or the owner(s) of the sire. To be eligible to compete in the Futurity, a Samoyed must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be from a litter, which was properly and timely nominated.
  2. Have been individually nominated before it reached the age
    of four months.
  3. Be properly entered in one of the regular classes of the National Specialty and Obedience Trial.
  4. Not be bred or ever owned, or co-owned, or leased by that year’s judge, or a member of his or her immediate family.
  5. Not sired by or out of a Samoyed bred by or ever owned, co-owned or leased by that year’s judge or member or his or her immediate family.
  6. The sire and dam must both have OFA numbers or foreign equivalent showing clear hips after the
    age of two years with an exam date prior to breeding. The sire and dam must both have current CERF numbers or foreign equivalent or a current normal eye exam by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist prior to breeding.   Any dog or bitch that is eight years of age or older with a CERF at that time will be considered a permanent CERF.

  7. Frozen semen & fresh chilled semen on living dogs: the rules are the same as for a natural breeding.

  8. Frozen semen on deceased dogs before and inclusive of September 29th, 2008 is allowed with or without clearances.  After September 29th, 2008 frozen semen from deceased dogs must show OFA number or foreign equivalent showing clear hips after the age of 2 years before semen is used and current CERF number or current normal eye exam within 12 months of time of collection (or a permanent CERF number).


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Jane Ann Emmel
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