Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.


Samoyed puppies are born with short, white coats. Muzzles are blunt, ears lay flat against the head, the skin is pink. They weigh from 10 to 18 ounces. Smudges of charcoal color appear on the noses in three or four days.

Their eyes and ears open about the tenth day, weight has doubled. The charcoal is deepening to black and spreading on lips and eyerims.

The third week they are on their feet in a wobbly fashion, tails coming up over their backs for balance. Ears are folding over. Teeth appear with a vocal reaction of growling and barks. Play begins. Pigment is filling in, it is often apparent on the pads, especially the front feet. Weight about four pounds.

The fifth week is their most photogenic age, they are irresistible! Play is a major part of their day divided into eating and sleeping. Pulling tails, ears, biting a paw is a specialized game. Weight 6 pounds.

Pups 2 Weeks Pups 3 Weeks Pups 5 Weeks
(Left to Right) 2 weeks old – 3 weeks old – 5 weeks old

The eighth to tenth week is the ideal age to enter their new homes. A great part of their life’s mental adjustments is stabilized through association with their dam and littermates. Ears are or soon will be up. Pigment should be filled in at this age though breaks do take up to a year in some lines. Tails should be carried well over their backs when walking. Eyes will still be slatey blue in color but those who still have this color at twelve weeks tend to have a lighter brown eye. Biscuit shadings will disappear later unless the color is definite, especially on the ears. Weight at eight weeks about 10 pounds. Ten weeks approximately 15 pounds.

Four to six months is the awkward stage. Legs and ears are out of proportion in length, the coat is suddenly too short for the overlong body. The movement is something else and you will wonder if all of these extremes will ever balance together again. If he was a picture of balance and beauty at eight weeks, his sire and dam fine specimens well linebred, this puppy has a very good chance of becoming another Prince Charming.

Maturity depends upon his family line and size. This varies accordingly. The small Samoyeds tend to mature earlier. The general age of maturity is between two and one half to three years, even to four years. The slow developer will hold his beauty for many years and can compete with the best in the show ring at seven and eight years.