Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.

Health Issues

The Samoyed is an ancient breed of dogs, which have experienced minimal genetic manipulation by mankind. Subsequently, Samoyeds are generally healthy and well adjusted to sharing their lives with their human companions. With good care, nutrition, and exercise, your Samoyed’s life expectancy is ten years or more.

One caution Samoyed owners need to share with their veterinarian is that Samoyeds more frequently have adverse reactions to medications containing sulfa. It is advisable to have your dog’s medical records flagged with a note to avoid sulfa drugs or sulfonamides. (Bell, Cavanagh, Tilley & Smith, 2012, p. 406)

As with any dog, purebred or mixed breed, there are some health conditions to be aware of within the breed. The following conditions are listed in order of the body systems that are most impacted. This page is not intended to be an exhaustive review, but you will find a number of links to pursue further information on any of these topics, while some people also give their dogs cbd products so they can feel better, while there are great products for humans as well such as delta 8 online and others. Furthermore, canine health and genetics is a rapidly evolving area of research; therefore, it is important to seek the most current information available through your veterinary resources.

Health Issue – Eyes

Health issue – Heart/Cardiac

Health Issue – Skeletal System

Health Issue – Gastrointestinal

Health Issue – Immune System

Health Issue – Metabolic System

Heath Issue – References