Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.

1999 SCA National Results

Puppy Sweepstakes - Judge Lynn Blackbourn

6-9 month dog - 20 entered
1st:Moonlighters Sharper Image - Jeanne Nonhof
2nd:Frostyacres Southern Cross - Carl and Tully Vintner
3rd:Moonlighters Quite Persnickety - Pat and Vilas Backhaus and Carrie and David Hellestad
4th:Frostyacres Lil Orphan Ollie

9-12 month dog - 18 entered
1st: TNT n K-Ways Frozen Solid - Dave Boudreaux
2nd: Snokrest Gyr'd by Winterfrost - Kathleen Farlow and Don and Barbara Winslow 
3rd: Snokrests Gyr'd to Perfection
4th: TNT n K'Ways Frozen Assets - Tom and Toni Maurer

12-15 month dog - 12 entered
1st: Starqeusts Celest'l Beginning
2nd: Elfenbein Sleigh Runner
3rd: Starquests Long Ball Hitter
4th: Ch Orkdomains Spirit of Scimtar - Thomas and robin Hobbs

15-18 month dog - 21 entered
1st: CH Bykhals Will of Solitaire - Bonnie Giffen and Will Chaberlain
2nd: Kriskella Party never Ends
3rd:  Hight Trails No Sensibility
4th: Dremquest Wst-Free Triumph

6-9 month bitch - 28 entered
1st: Moonliter Attila the Honey - Jeanne Nonhof and David Hallested
2nd: Shamans Sense of Snow - Robert Gloucester and Bo Haldeman
3rd: Snowaters Keeps Babbling On
4th: Frostyacres a Blonde Moment - Karen McFarlane

9-12 month bitch - 27 entered
1st: Trilogys Yukona Icona - Carol and Julie Beatty
2nd: Silver River in Nick a Tyme - Gloria Meriwether and Betty Cline
3rd: Windancers All a Flurry - Steve and kathy Moore
4th: Bayous She's Like the Wind = Sheila and Walter Hermann

12-15 month bitch - 4 entered
1st: Polar Images Seraphim - H. Freudig
2nd: Elfenbein Sedan DeVille
3rd: Sampson's Kasha Au Mithril
4th: Windsongs the Princess Xena - James and Mary Kistner

15-18 month bitch - 27 entered
1st: High Trails Snow Princess - Michael and Felicia Miftic
2nd: Saratoga's Iroc n Roll - Mary Carlson and Heidi Nieman
3rd: Windy Ridge Silver Mist SFX - Carol Worth
4th: Igloos Too hot to Tango

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes - Starquests Celest'l Beginning
Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes -  moonliters Attila the Huney

Futurity - judge Pat Griffin

6-9 month dog - 17 entered 
1st:Moonlighters Sharper Image - Jeanne Nonhof
2nd:Frostyacres Lil Orphan Ollie - Robert and Karen McFarlane
3rd:Moonlighters Quite Persnickety - Pat and Vilas Backhaus and Carrie and David Hellestad
4th:Polar Mist Harbor Master - John and Kathy Ronald and Lynette and Rodger Blue

6-9 month bitch - 18 entered
1st: Polar Mist Girl Got Rhythym - Lisa Johnston Robertson and Lynette Blue
2nd: Snowaters Keeps Babbling On - Ken Granaki
3rd: Moonliter Attila the Honey - Jeanne Nonhof and David Hallestad
4th: Frostyacres a Blonde Moment - Karen McFarlane

Best 6-9 Intersex Polar Mist Girl Got Rhythm
Reserve 6-9 Intersex Snowaters Keeps Babbling On

9-12 month dog - 15 entered
1st: Silver Rivers It's About Time - Nancy Krauss and Betty Cline
2nd: Snokrest Gyr'd to Perfection - Donna Glickman
3rd: Polar Mist Spritzer - Terri Wynn
4th: Bayous Southern Gentleman - Sheila and Walter Hermann

9-12 month bitch - 21 entered
1st: Krystall's Halloween Package - Anne and Bill O'Neill and Nancy Golden
2nd: Silverplumes Beyond Measure - Mary Lee Lloyd and Kristi Schopfer
3rd: Krystall's Shear Delight - Mary Lee lloyd
4th: Omega Winterway Siltip Sho-n-Tel - Judith and David Lahmon

Best 9-12 Intersex -  Krystall's Halloween Package
Reserve 6-9 Intersex - Silver Rivers It's About TIme

Best Puppy - Krystalls Halloween Package

12-15 month dog - 6 entered
1st: Starquests Celest'l Beginning - Martha Lageschulte and John and Paula Shering
2nd: Starquests Long Ball Hitter - Andi and Robert Mast
3rd: Elfenbein Sleigh Runner - Steve and Tina Palks
4th: Katmais Keepsake for Katmai - Lynette and Robert Sylvester and Bob and Wanda Krauss

12-15 month bitch - 2 entered
1st: Elfenbein Sedan Deville - Elvira and James Shea
2nd: Sampsons Kasha Au Mithril - Allen and Ruth Zacharias

Best 12-15 Intersex - Elfenbeing Sedan Deville
Reserve 12-15 Intersex - Starquest Celest'l Beginning

15-18 month dog - 12 entered
1st: Kriskellas Party never Ends - Marla and Robert Knapp
2nd: High Trails No Sensibility - Kerri Schoener and Colleen and Craig Groseth
3rd: Dreamquests Wst-Free Triumph - Frank and Pat Kreif
4th: CH Jubilees Tom Cruiser - Carol and Andy Hjort

15-18 month bitch - 12 entered
1st: SFX Dreamchaser - Lori C-C and Gordon Carleton
2nd: Jubilee's Greased Lightning - Carol and Andy Hjort
3rd: Igloos Too hot to Tango - leah Seaman
4th: Cot'n Pic'n Kamikaze - Marge Goodenough

Best 15-18 Intersex - Kriskellas Party Never Ends
Reserve 15-18 Intersex - SFX Dreamchaser

Best Junior - Elfenbein Sedan Deville

Grand Futurity Winner - Krystall's Halloween Package - MY PUMPKIN!!!!

Dog Classes - judge Don Hodges
dog, puppy 6-9 months - 19 entered
1st: White Magics Severnaya Kid - Carol Gernazio and Carrie Palma Collier
2nd: Moonlighters Quite Persnickety 
3rd: Saratoga's Solid as a Rock - Brad and Cindy Abramson and heidi Nieman
4th: Cot'n Pic'n Tall Cold One - Marjorie Goodenough

dog, puppy 9-12 months - 17 entered
1st: TNT -n-K-Ways Frozen Solid
2nd: Bayous Southern Gentlemen
3rd: Snokrest Gyr'd to Perfection
4th: Snokrest Gyr'd by Winterfrost

dog, 12-18 months - 23 entered
1st: Holiday's On The Road Again - Cookie and Garey hayden
2nd: Starquests Long Ball Hitter
3rd: Elfenbein Sleigh Runner
4th: Orkdomain Up and At 'Em - Mary Haas ans James Anderson

bred by exhibitor dog - 24 entered
1st: Tall Oaks Top Gun Winterhawk - Laurie Neubern and Carol Miller
2nd: Kondako's King of hearts David and Diane Richardson
3rd: Galadriel Return of the King - Gary wood and Lana McLellan
4th: Kolinkia's Moonlight Dancer - Nancy and William Gray

american bred dog - 7 entered
1st: Nirvana's Eye of the Tiger - Yan-Wan Saunders
2nd: Fireclouds Heavenly Stargazer - Patti Emmet and Tami Lynch
3rd: Sanorkas' Mariahs Bear - Maureen Mulhern
4th: Merilless' Avanlanche Grimba KB - Merrilee A Scarnegie

open dog - 46 entered
1st: Abakan Frontiersman - Darlu littledeer and Donna Dannen
2nd: Windy Ridge Solo Sno 'n' Sho - John Studebaker and Anna Mary Jureziz
3rd: Sugarhills SS Copperfield - Marion McNeil and Wendy Segala
4th: K-Ways bear Markit - Wanda Krauss and Denise Saigh

Winners Dog - Abakan Frontiersman
Reserve Winners Dog - Tall Oaks Top Gun Winterhawk

veteran dog 8-10 years - 7 entered 
1st: CH Saratoga's Sonic boom - Lorrie McAllister
2nd: CH Persnickety Rose to Fame - Pat and Vilas Backhaous
3rd: Dusha's Showstopper of Seelah - Diane Schmitt and Jim Warych
4th: Ch Samodics Charlys GD Npinty - Linda Schindlbeck and Diane Corkey

veteran dog over 10 years - 10 entered
1st: CH Samtara Striking Reflection - Kathleen and Steven kersten
2nd: Ch Danica's D'ble Dutch Chocolate - John and Judy Kovitch
3rd: Ch Alever Custom Cruiser - Eve Rittberg
4th: Ch Samkist Snowy River - Lori and Sharon Kremreiter and Bernard Kremsreiter

working dog - 5 entered
1st: Ch Sylvan's Flying Free - Pam Lnders
2nd: CH Tundra Winds XXXII Degrz o'Whitestar - Anne O'Neill
3rd: Ch Tundra Winds Storms a Bruin - Kent and Donna dannen
4th: Merrilee's Avalanche Grimba KB

Stud Dog - 16 entered
1st: Ch Sanorka's Trip T'Ren-J - Janice Hovelmann and Renee Miller 
2nd: Ch Saratoga's Sonic Boom 
3rd: CH Alver's Custom Cruiser 
4th: Ch Barrons Top Hat "n' Tails - Barb and Dan Cole

Regular Bitch Classes - judge Anne Rogers Clark

bitch, puppy 6-9 months - 27 entered 
1st: Moonliter Atilla the Honey
2nd: Fireclouds Fit'n with Snoden - Gerald and Nacy Sevigny and Tami Lynch
3rd: Silvertip Song of the South - T.J. and nelda Denlinger
4th: Argents Artic Elegance - Genevieve Deltieure

bitch, puppy 9-12 months - 24 entered
1st: Tobils Carolina Silver Star - W. and K. Hopkins and Kathy Schott
2nd: Trilogy's Yukon Icona
3rd: Omega-Winterway Siltip Sho-n-Tel - Judith and David Lahmon
4th: Krystall's Halloween Package

bitch, 12-18 months - 24 entered
1st: Hartwoods Meterite - Kathy Carr
2nd: Classic Ed'n Touched By an Angel - Sandy Patterson
3rd: Haku's Shantaqua of Mystyhil
4th: Moonliters Legacy of Samkist - Lori and Sharon Kremreiter and Jeanne Nonhof

bitch, novice - 2 entered
1st: Sampsons Kasha Au Mithril - Allen and Ruth Zacharias

bred by exhibitor bitch - 44 entered
1st: Hobby Horse Nordic Magickist - Jeffrey Skinner and Shauna Brummet and Gail Matthews
2nd: Eis Baers Warrior Princess - William Hossler and Lisa Cay-Hossler and Kendra Schultz
3rd: My Ways Takes My Breath Away - Kathie and randy lensen
4th: Trilogys moonlight Magnolia - Carol and Julie Beatty

american bred bitch - 12 entered
1st: Symphony's Lilith Faire - Kathleen Regna and Susan Ying
2nd: Samtara Graceful Mithril Girl - Kathleen Kersten and Frankie Trojan and Annette Stock
3rd: My Ways It's A Good thing - Kathie and Randy Lensen
4th: Nirvan's Rising Phoenix - Yan-Wan Saunders

open bitch - 62 entered
1st: Kriskella's Hats Off T'Avalanche - Geoff and brenda Abbott
2nd: Summits Swift Run of Haku - Connie Rudd
3rd: Snowberry's katya lookin - Betty Gerlach and Cynthia Whiteside
4th: TNT Brandywild White Satin Doll - Ann and Gardner Grubb

Winners Bitch - Kriskella's Hats Off T'Avalanch
Reserve Winners Bitch - Hartwoods Meteorite

Non-Regular Bitch Classes - judge Don Hodges
veteran bitch 8-10 years - 13 entered 
1st:  Ch Frostyacres Borne Blonde - Robert and karen McFarlane
2nd: Ch Polar Mist Champagne On Icer - Marjorie Goodenough
3rd: Ch Moonlighters Ima Grand Kid - Jeanne and Wayne Nonhof
4th: Ch Saratoga's Lost Aviatrix Cd - Don and heidi Nieman

veteran bitch over 10 years - 9 entered
1st: Ch Bramblewoods Naughty Nadia - Karin Nyhuis and Mary jo Ragsdale
2nd: Ch Wolf Rivers Sand - Kay Hallberg
3rd: Ch Samkita's Hope Diamond - Jo and Karl Geletich
4th: Ch Stardans Amaretto of Anadyr - David and Debby Jahnke

working bitch - 6 entered
1st: Ch Sunnysides WhiteStar K'boom - Anne O'Neill
2nd: Ch Sylvan's Skylark - Pam Landers
3rd: Ch Tundra Winds at Gale Force - Betsy Lampe
4th: Tamkobe Icetrix MX MXJ - Kylie bourke

Brood Bitch - 19 entered
1st: Kondakos Kiri Te Kanawa - David and Diane Richardson 
2nd: Ch Frostyacres Borne Blonde
3rd: Ch Polar Mist Champagne on Ice
4th: Ch Saratogas Lost Aviatrix

Intersex - judge Joan Luna

Best of Breed Competition - 84 dogs, 71 bitches entered 
Best of Breed -  CH Echo's To Die For - Linda Kitzman
Best of Winners - Kriskellas Hatsoff T'Avalanche
Best of Opposite Sex - Ch Sno 'n' Shos Clear and Present Danger - John Studebaker

Best Puppy -  Moonliters Attilla the Honey 
Best Bred by Exhibitor - Tall Oaks Top Gun Winterhawk
Best Veteran - Ch Saataogas Sonic Boom WSX
Best Working - Ch Sylvans Flying Free

Awards of Merit: (partial list)
CH Saratoga's Sonic Boom
CH Saratoga's Arctic Tern - Heidi Nieman and Hedy Lyles
CH Krystall's Blue Denim Jake - Karen Anderson and Nancy Golden
CH Shaman Coyote Steals Fire - Doug Haldeman and Bo Gloucester
CH Bramblewoods Naughty Nadia - Karin Nyhuis and Mary Jo Ragsdale (Willdig)
CH Frostyacres Borne Blonde - Karen McFarland
Abakan Frontiersman 

Brace - 11 entered
1st:  CH Sratoga's Lost Aviatrix AND Saratogas Sizzlin StripTease
2nd:  ??
3rd:  ??
4th:  Ch Krystall's Desert Moon AND Krystall's Halloween Package

Junior Showmanship
Novice Junior - 1 entered

Open Junior - 5 entered

Open Senior - 3 entered
1st: Scooter Nieman

Best Junior -  Scooter Nieamn 

Obedience - judge Edward H. Haas
novice a - 8 entered
1st: 190 - Sultry Ash of Tall Oaks - Bruce and Diane Dings
2nd: 187 - Donnereign Joi Av En Isjborn - Nancy Dahl and Rulita Lee Roark
3rd: 185 - Sierra Blanca Windchaser - Debbie Seder
4th: 173 - White Gold Sparkle Plenty - John and Julie Jefrries

novice b - 13 entered
1st: 197.5 - Silveracres Dream Catcher - Lynn Godbee and Doris McLaughlin
2nd: 187.5 - Ch denka's Hight Trail Spice - Coleen Groseth
3rd: 183 - CH Sylvan's Skylark - Pam Landers
4th: 183.5 - Silver Plume Stormy Saphire - Jane Meyer 

open a - 10 entered
1st: 194 - Ch Novaskaya Artic Rose CD - Genevieve Detieure
2nd: 186 - Tundra CDX - G.J. Harper

open b - 5 entered 
1st: 195.5 - CH Hartwood Optimum Performance CDX - Meg Graham
2nd: 195 - Ch El-Als Paddington bear CDX NAJ OA - Judith Cohen
3rd: 194 - CH Tundra Winds At Gale Force CDX

utility a - 1 entered
1st: 193 - Ch El-Al's Paddington bear

Graduate Novice - 4 entered
1st: 182 - Artic Winds Genoa CD - Diane and Roger Libby
2nd: 125.5 - Kelsie Kanikki bear CD - Allison Holloway Freeze
3rd: 85.5 - Tall Oaks Winter Storm CD - Nancy Wright

Veteran - 5 entered
1st: 193 - Ch Cascades Peak Perfromer - Cheri Hollenbeck and D Miller
2nd: 191.5 - Fantasee's Spirit of Stardust CD - Lynn Godbee
3rd: 189 - Artic Winds Spinnaker CD - Diane and Roger Libby
4th: 183.5 - Nikhug Rascal of Hilan Del CD - Nancy Bradley

Brace - 4 entered
1st - 182.5 - Ch Tundra Winds At Gale Force CDX
              Haku's Champagne Punch - Betsy Lampe
2nd - 179 - Mat-Sun Hugybear of Hilan-Del CD - Nancy Bradley
            Nikhug Rascal of Hilan-Del
3rd: 174 - Silveracres Dream catcher 
           Fantasees Spirit of Stardust CD
4th: 171 - Nordics Artic Sunrise CD
           Artic Winds Spinaker CD
High in Trial -

Agility - judge

Weight Pull
Novice Pull
High Percentage pulled by a Novice: 
Highest Weight pulled by a Novice:

Sanctioned Pull
under 45 lbs
1st: "Abby" - Betsy Lampe
2nd: "Kachina" - Anne and Bill O'Neill and Donna Dannen
3rd: "Tally" - Terri Hicks-Anderson

45-65 lbs
1st:  "Buttons" - Corey Krief
2nd:  "Bruin" - Kent and Donna Dannen
3rd:   ?
4th:   ?

over 65 lbs
1st:  "Samson" - Mary lee Lloyd
2nd:	?
3rd:	?

High Percentage Pulled - "Buttons" 
High Weight Pulled -  "Buttons"