Samoyed Club of America

Promoting the well being and future of the Samoyed breed.

The official AKC breed club for the Samoyed since 1923.

2004 SCA National Specialty Results



Obedience Rally
Futurity Weight Pull
Puppy Sweepstakes Veteran Sweepstakes
Regular Class Dogs   Regular Class Bitches
Veteran Classes Working Classes
Stud Dogs / Brood Bitches Best of Breed



Judge: Mr. Don L. Schempp

Novice A:
1) Ch. Bepa’s Catch A Wave 189
2) Valhalla’s Sweet Jazmyn 174

Novice B:
1) Whytewynd’s Tropical Twister, OA, AXJ, NA 197.5
2) Novel S’Mist All About Snezhynka 193
3) Ch. Trilogy’s Kodi Bear Cupps 192.5
4) Snowonder’s Bosley, CD 191.5

Open A:
1) Ch. Starquest’s Long Ball Hitter, CD 186.5

Open B:

1) Moonsilver Montana Sky HNP, UD 196.5
2) Sierra Blanca Wind Chaser, UD MX, MXJ 193+
3) Ch. Krystall’s Nava Aviva Yonah, CDX, OA, OAJ 193
4) Winterset’s Abebop’n Jaz Man CDX, OAP, NJP 191

Utility A:

None Qualified

Utility B:
1) Sierra Blanca Wind Chaser, UD, MX, MXJ 192

Veteran’s Novice

1) Ch. El-Al’s Paddington Bear, UD, MX, MXJ 198.5
2) White Wolf Wild N Free, CD 190
3) Silveracres Dream Catcher, CD 181.5
4) Fantasee’s Spirit Of Stardust, CD 180


Judge: Mrs. Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell

1) Ch. Polar Mist Stairway To Heaven, NA 99+
2) Ima Lightning Bolt, CDX, AX, MJ 98+
3) Winterset’s Abebop’n Jaz Man, CDX, OAP, NJP 98
4) Geyser Creek’s Mountain Frost, CD 97+


1) Geyser Creek’s Mountain Frost, CD 98+
2) Moonsilver Montana Sky HNP, UD 98
3) Ch. Polar Mist Stairway To Heaven, NA 88
4) Sierra Blanca Wind Chaser, UD, MX, MXJ 79

High Scoring Dog In Regular Classes:
Whytewynd’s Tropical Twister, OA, AXJ, NA

High Combined Score in Open B & Utility Classes:
Sierra Blanca Wind Chaser, UD, MX, MXJ

Futurity Results
6 to 9 month Puppy Dogs

  1. PolarMist Cot’nPic’n Botelorum
    2) Tobil-Rexann’s High Roller
    3) Snowbastian’s Shock N Awe
    4) Polar Mist How The West Was Won

9 to 12 month Puppy Dogs

1) Ice Crystal’s White Lightning
2) Ice Crystals Fifth of Gin
3) Trilolgy’s Tarnished Silver
4) Windyridge Chunk of Sunvalley

12 to 15 month Junior Dogs

1) Shaman’s the Perfect Storm
2) Polar Mist Blue Print
3) Persnickety’s Winter Delight
4) Kameo’s Capturing the Moment

15+ months Junior Dogs

1) CH Braveheart’s Gusty Weather
2) Braveheart’s Winter Storm
3) Elfenbein Distant Thunder
4) Saratoga’s Wide Open Spaces

6 to 9 month Puppy Bitches

1) Polar Mist N’Seventh Heaven
2) Polar Mist Secret Code
3) Polarmist Flirt’n At Millcreek
4) Wintermist’s Bear’n It All

9 to 12 months Puppy Bitches

1) Trilogy’s Sonya Kovalevsky
2) CH Wintersong’s Lucky Charm
3) Silverplume Listen T’my Heart
4) Sterling’s Artistic Blend

12 to 15 month Junior Bitches

1) Samkist Simply Irresistable
2) Saratoga’s American Glory
3) Shamans N Snobastns Ful Throttle
4) Polar Mist Party Girl

15+ month Junior Bitches

1) Hawkwind’s Aqua Di Mare
2) Wyteshado’s Artictrek Kiska
3) K-Way’s Right As Rain
4) K-Way’s Spirit of Freedom

Grand Futurity Winner Samkist Simply Irresistable
Best Puppy Polar Mist N’ Seventh Heaven
Best Junior Puppy Samkist Simply Irresistable
Best Intersex 0
Best Intersex (6-9) Polar Mist N’ Seventh Heaven
Best Intersex (9-12) Ice Crystal’s White Lightning
Best Intersex (12-15) Samkist Simply Irresistable
Best Intersex (15+) Hawkwind’s Aqua Di Mare
Best Reserve Intersex 0
Reserve Intersex (6-9) Polar Mist Cot’n Pic’n Botelorum
Reserve Intersex (9-12) Ice Crystal’s Fifth of Gin
Reserve Intersex (12-15) Saratoga’s American Glory
Reserve Intersex (15+) CH Braveheart’s Gusty Weather

Puppy Sweepstakes Results
Judge Mr. Wade Koistinen

6 – 9 months Puppy Dogs

1) Snowberry’s Boot Scoot’n Boogie
2) Kenosha’s Skiing Outta Bounds
3) Polar Mist CotnPicn Botelorum
4) Arctic Fox Ivy League

9 – 12 months Puppy Dogs

1) Trilogy’s Tarnished Silver
2) Polar Mist Tomsks Sooner Magic
3) Stargazer’s Magick Shadowfax
4) Chibluffs Sultry Blues

12 – 15 months Junior Dogs

1) Frostyacres Tanks T’Rexann
2) Azteca’s Three Ring Circus
3) Polar Mist Blue Print
4) Rhapsdy N Slvr River Cheerios

15+ months Junior Dogs

1) Cot’n Pic’n Snowater Rocks
2) Novaskaya Moonlite Knight
3) Gilara’s Court Jester
4) Holly ‘N Bruin’s Mischa

6 – 9 months Puppy Bitches

1) Polar Mist Secret Code
2) Frostyacres Reindeer Express
3) Rexann’s Callisto Aurora
4) Polar Mist N’ Seventh Heaven

9 – 12 months Puppy Bitches

1) Linrosa’s Paint By Moonlight
2) El-Al’s Come Fly With Me
3) CH Wintersong’s Lucky Charm
4) Krystall’s Yournotthebossame

12 – 15 months Junior Bitches

1) Nerak’s Lil’ Miss Honky Tonk
2) Polar Mist Party Girl
3) Azteca’s Steel Magnolia
4) Takenak’s Go For Broke

15+ months Junior Bitches

1) CH Holly N Bruin’s Magic Memory HICs
2) Wyteshado’s Artictrek Kiska
3) Hawkwind’s Aqua Di Mare
4) Donnereign’s Roxie Soxs Em

Best in Sweepstakes Frostyacres Tanks T’Rexann
BOS to Best in Sweepstakes Polar Mist Secret Code

Veterans Sweepstakes Results
Judge Ms Audrey Lycan

8 – 10 years Dogs

1) CH Tobil’s Rockets Red Glare
2) CH Snowolf’s Rhett of Snowonder
3) CH Saratoga’s Like a Rock
4) CH Tundra Winds XXXII Degrz O’Whitestar, WSX

10 – 12 years Dogs

1) CH Bramblewood’s Wiard of Oz, BISS CD OA OAJ
2) CH Sassy Sam’s Yo Yo Man CD
3) CH Kondako’s Placido Domingo
4) CH Wolf River’s Diamond Dust

12+ years Dogs

1) CH Kamelot’s Classic Knight
2) CH Frostyacre-Winsom’s Cleansweep

8 – 10 years Bitches

1) CH Snovit’s Happy Days At Kamelot, CGC, TDI, HCT-s,
2) CH Polar Mist Nauti Girl
3) CH Silverplume’s Lil’ Surfer Girl
4) CH Artic Cross Sweet Dreams

10 – 12 years Bitches

1) CH TNT’s Brilliant Crystal Star
2) CH Elfenbein Crown Victoria
3) CH Sanorka-Ren J’s Windstar
4) CH Wolf River’s Sandy Beach PT TDI

12+ years Bitches

1) CH Polar Mist Nauti Natasha
2) CH Charisma-Rexann Heart O’Gold CDX
3) CH Bykhal’s Northern Exposure
4) Brialin Starfire

Best Veteran in Sweepstakes: CH Snovit’s Happy Days at
Kamelot, CGC, TDI, HCT-s, WSXM
BOS to Best in Veteran Sweepstakes: CH Bramblewood’s
Wizard of Oz, BISS CD OA OAJ

Working Class Dogs:

Judge: Ms. Annella Cooper

1) Ch. Tundra Winds’ Talkeetna Tuktu
2) Ch. Tundra Winds’ Storm O’er Salish, WS
3) Ch. Krystall’s Roaring Glory, NA, OAJ
4) Ch.Omega-Winterway Showstopper, HT, PT

Working Class Bitches:
Judge: Mrs. Janet Cherne

1) Kenosha’s Packed Powder
2) Ch. SFX Aeryn Sun, WS
3) Ch. Mithril-Sylvan’s Fly Away, OA

Veteran Regular Classes
Veteran Dogs
Judge: Mrs. Annella Cooper

8-10 year dogs

1) Ch. Tundra Winds XXXII Degrz O’Whitestar, WSX
2) Ch. Shaman’s Coyote Steals Fire
3) Ch. Bramblewood’s Maximum Impact, CD, OA, NAJ
4) Ch. Saratoga’s Like A Rock

10-12 year dogs

1) Ch. Bramblewood’s Wizard Of Oz, BISS, CD, OA, OAJ
2) Amo’s Midnight Sun
3) Ch. Kondako’s Placido Domingo
4) Ch. Moonlighter’s Jump For Joy

12 year + dogs

1) Ch. Takenak’s Baranof
2) Ch. Kamelot’s Classic Knight
3) Ch. Frostyacre-Winsom’s Cleansweep

Judge: Mes. Janet Cherne

8-10 year bitches

1) Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Girl
2) Ch. Dreamquest Spirit Dancer
3) Ch. Silverplume’s Lil Surfer Girl
4) Ch. Trilogy’s Dixie Moon

10-12 year Bitches

1) Ch. Wolf River’s Sandy Beach, PT, TDI
2) Ch.Sanorka-Ren J’s Windstar
3) Ch. Elfenbein Crown Victoria
4) Ch. TNT’s Brilliant Crystal Star

12+ year bitches

1) Ch. Wolf River’s Sweet Serenade
2) Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Natasha
3) Ch. Charisma-Rexann Heart O’Gold
4) Ch. Bykhal’s Northern Exposure

Regular Classes Results

Regular Class Dogs
Judge: Ms. Annella Cooper

6-9 month Puppies

1) Ka Dih’s Rambo
2) Polar Mist How The West Was Won
3)Kenosha’s Skiing Out Of Bounds
3) Snowberry’s Winterhawk

9-12 month Puppies

1) Chibluffs Blues Brother
2) Mystiwind’s Hidden Treasure
3) Cold Mountain’s Tug At My Heart
4) Sattu’s The Buck Stops Here

12-18 month puppies

1) Hawkwind’s Cobalt Moonstone
2) Sundog’s Thers Any Seraphin N’Twn
3) Holly ‘N Bruin’s Mischa
4) Samkist Austintatiously Noble

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs

1) Persnickety’s Winter Delight
2) Chibluffs Sultry Blues
3) Lazy S You Don’t Know
4) Windyridge Chunk Of Sunvalley

American Bred Dogs

1) Polar M ist Tomsks Sooner Magic
2) Hawkwind’s Alabaster Carrera
3) Saratoga’s Wide Open Spaces

4) Hi Sierra’s
Krypto Snowball

Open Dogs

1) White Magic’s Spirit Of Light
2) Donnereign Metropolitan Spotlight
3) Gilara’s Court Jester
4) Cot’n Pic’n Snowater Rocks

Winners Dog: White Magic’s Spirit Of Light
Reserve Winners Dog: Donnereign Metropolitan Spotlight

Judge: Mrs. Janet D. Cherne

6-9 month puppies

1) Rexann’s Calisto Aurora
2) Polar Mist Secret Code
3) Polar Mist N’ Seventh Heaven
4) Polarmist Flirt’n At Millcreek

9-12 month puppies

1) Cot’n Pic’n Pinklady O’ Polar Mist
2) Vanderbilt’s Chyna Rose
3) Wintermist’s Bear’n It All
4) El-Al’s Come Fly WithMe

12-28 month puppies

1) K-Way’s Spirit Of Freedom
2) Saratoga’s American Glory
3) Azteca’s Steele Magnolia
4) Takenak’s Go For Broke

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches

1) Rexann’s Sparkling Emerald
2) Polarmist Harbor N’ Angel A’ B’roe
3) Kamelot’s Gone With The Wind
4) Oakbrook’s White Russian

American Bred Bitches

1) D’Keta’s Emerald Isle Shaman
2) Kenosha’s Ski The Summit
3) Saratoga’s Outbound Flight
4) Rhapsody Silver River Lexxus

Open Bitches

1) Sanorka’s Gypsy N’ The Moonlight
2) Alta’s Moonlight Serenade, HICs
3) Polar Mist You’ve Got Mail
4) Trailblazer Celebration

Winners Bitch: Rexann’s Sparkling Emerald
Reserve Winners Bitch: K-Way’s Spirit Of Freedom

Stud Dogs:
Judge: Ms. Annella Cooper

1) Ch. Polar Mist Out Of The Blue
2) Ch. Bruin’s Black Tie And Tails
3) Ch. Vanderbilt’s Warpaint
4) Ch. Snowsong’s Ganymede Rising

Brood Bitches:
Judge: Mrs Janet Cherne

1) Ch. Silverplume’s Beyond Measure, HIC
2) Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Girl
3) Ch. Moonliter’s Legacy of Samkist
4) Ch. Polar Mist Girl’s Got Rhythm

Judge: Mrs. Marion D. Ward-Fanning

Best Of Breed:
Ch. Wolf River’s Moonlight Ridge, WSXM, CGC,JHD, HCT

Best Of Opposite Sex:
Ch. Bravo’s At Lhotse Summit

Best Of Winners:
White Magic’s Spirit Of Light